Tayyar Al Ghad Al Souri (Syria’s Tomorrow Movement)

Introduction Tayyar Al Ghad is a Syrian secular political party opposing Bashar Al Assad regime, and calling for democratic change is Syria. The party is formed in March 2016,...
Mr. Ahmad Al Jarba President of Tayyar Al Ghad Al Souri

Tayyar Al Ghad is a Syrian secular political party opposing Bashar Al Assad regime, and calling for democratic change is Syria.
The party is formed in March 2016, by Syrian politicians and activists, many of them are formal members of the democratic bloc of Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), including the president of Tayyar Al Ghad Mr. Ahmad Al Jarba who was the elected president of SOC for two terms from mid 2013 to mid 2014.
The movement’s political orientations are liberal democratic, and consider itself as part of Syrian Revolution which started by popular uprising in March 2011.

Syrian people suffered from decades of brutal totalitarian military dictatorship started with military coup in March 1963, since then, Ba’ath Party governed the country, and brought Assad family to full control from 1970 to date. During those decades, Syria was ruled with iron fist, people were deprived from their political, economical, and human rights. The regime cracked down on all kind of opposition, they were jailed without trials, and many died under torture. Syrian people uprising in 2011 was part of the Arab Spring, and called for regime change.
Assad dealt with the uprising by naked force, rebels held arms to defend themselves, hence we have a civil war that caused millions of deaths, injuries, and refugees. The chaos caused infiltration of terrorist groups who became a de facto rulers of parts of the country.

Tayyar Al Ghad calls for the following

1 – A genuine political transition towards pluralistic liberal democratic state, that respects rule of low, human rights, and peaceful transition of powers through free elections. In accordance to Geneva Communiqué of 30 June 2012, and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

2 – Complete equality of citizenship regardless of gender, ethnicity, and religion.

3 – Full sovereignty and unity of Syria’s territories.

4 – Defeat and eliminate all terrorist groups in Syria.

5 – Departure of all foreign fighters from Syrian soil.

6 – Destruction and clearance of all chemical weapon in Syria in accordance to UNSC resolution 2118.

Tayyar Al Ghad has a very good regional and international relations, and enjoys a good relations with both USA and Russia, as well as, France, Germany, and other European countries. In the Middle East, the movement has excellent relations with Gulf Countries, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government.
The movement has continues consultations with other factions of Syrian Opposition, specially the secular parties. It also coordinates closely with Cairo Platform for Geneva Negotiations for peace in Syria, and participates in negotiations under that platform.
Tayyar Al Ghad has signed a political agreement with both Administration Zone in Northern Syria, and The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (Internal opposition).
Tayyar Al Ghad has excellent ties with Kuwwat Al Nukhba (Syria’s Elite Forces SEF), an armed group fighting the terrorists of ISIS (Daesh) in Eastern Syria, in alliance with the Global Coalition Against Daesh, and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The president of Tayyar Al Ghad is the main sponsor for SEF.

Members of Political Committee
The establishing conference of March 2016 in Cairo, elected executive leadership of the movement comprising of the following members:
Mr. Ahmad Al Jarba, President
Mr. Ahmad Awad, General Secretary
Mr. Mouzon Morshed, Spokesperson
Mr. Ahmad Shbib
Dr. Ahmad Jaqal

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